Lithium battery technology – A special report on investments

Lithium battery technology – A special report on investments

The only word to describe the lithium battery technology market today is mixed.
A look at a chart above of the most recognizable names in the biz — Panasonic, LG Chem, Johnson Controls, Samsung, etc. — illustrates this perfectly. Since the beginning of 2015, stocks in the battery technology sector have turned in performances ranging from negative 25% to positive 25%, in the least symmetrical way possible.

Indeed, the NASDAQ OMX Energy Storage Index (NASDAQ: GRNSTOR) was up 11% by June, 2016, leaning more to the up-side of the market than the middle ground. And the main topic of modern battery conversation this year was wildly positive, despite the drawbacks from some of the major producers…

Of course the biggest name in the game has been Tesla Motors, with its Japanese partner Panasonic. Together, the two funded and are constructing the world’s first Gigafactory. The $5 billion factory will manufacture lithium batteries for Tesla’s line of electric vehicles and Powerwall systems. Continue reading about lithium battery technology and investing in modern batteries.


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